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Choosing Brands at the Denture & Implant Centre
Health Benefits of Dental Implants
The Denture & Implant Centre Uses Advanced Denture Technology in Red Deer
Interested in Whiter Teeth?
Life with Dentures
Questions and Answers About Teeth Whitening

Choosing Brands at the Denture & Implant Centre

One clear benefit of changing technology has been its impact on diagnosis, improved procedures and resulting health benefits for patients. This is especially true in a technology-based practice like Mike Galye’s. Choosing brands that incorporates all these benefits is a subject of interest for Red Deer denturist Mike Galye. He acknowledges that there are fundamental aspects of choosing brands that are different for every denturist as every denturist has their own way of doing things. In the basic process is one in which reps come to the denturist’s office to show their products and denturists meet with them to discuss their needs. According to Mike, “Brand choice is based on our procedures and the services we provide – what we do in the practice.” Mike also goes on to say, “when I am choosing a brand I choose the brand that gives me the best result possible for the procedure that I am working on for each individual patient and for the patient’s need. For example, I may not use the same impression material for each patient if a patient has an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a certain material. It is about the ultimate result for the patient. It’s not about me. It’s about what I can do for the patient. “I also look at the reps. Do they supply me with what I need, to we have a good relationship based on trust and do they help me develop a better practice with products that meet the needs of my patients.” But the bottom line for Mike Galye is his belief that “technology has had a great impact on denturism and what’s great is that consumers recognize the health benefits that technology can deliver.”

Health Benefits of Dental Implants

At one time dental implants were simply too expensive for many potential patients who could have benefited from them. Now, according to Red Deer denturist Mike Galye, patients increasingly visit denturists to inquire about dental implants. Mike believes that the basic benefit for patients is increased stability in a patient’s mouth. This results in a better quality of life for the patient. “It gives the patient the opportunity to eat food that they may not have eaten for fifteen or twenty years. Now they can eat, say, an apple or other hard food. They can enjoy a nice steak when they go out for dinner. Mike reports that “my patients tell me that when they go to a restaurant they know already what they will eat before they get there because they can’t eat certain foods. They have to have soup or something light. Mike points out that “with dental implants there is stability, there is an anchor point for the denture to settle down to and this creates better function so that the patient can chew and eat what he or she wants to eat. The patient can challenge him or herself again by going out to dinner and ordering new choices. Your quality of life improves and your over-all well-being. What is better than that?”

The Denture & Implant Centre Uses Advanced Denture Technology in Red Deer

Michael Galye, denturist and Director of  The Denture and Implant Centre in Red Deer, knows that dentures have come a long way. “At one time, dentures were done by medical doctors who travelled through small towns, pulling teeth and putting casts on broken arms. All kinds of materials were used including wood and ivory.” But today, Galye says, “making dentures really has become an art form.” Like most aspects of our technology and knowledge-driven society, there have been huge changes in what denturists can offer and what they can do. Galye states that “technology has had a great impact on dentistry and denturism and in the making of dentures. What’s great is that consumers recognize the health benefits that technology can deliver.” Galye explains that The Denture & Implant Centre has invested in a technology based practice that uses, among other techniques, digital jaw records and computer program –based sensors to get a digital record of how the patients’ mouth moves and functions. He is particularly enthusiastic about a new product that he has incorporated into his practice. “Avadent Digital Dentures raised my interest a couple of years ago. It was not just simply because I can really help with the patients’ appearance – and nothing is more important than your smile – but because of the time-savings it delivered for my patients.” Since many of the Centre’s patients travel several hours from somewhere in Central Alberta, the reduced time in the clinic means less money spent on gas and travel expenses as well as less time away from their families and, in some cases, their jobs. The time-saving is due to how Avadent Digital Dentures can be fabricated through the use of digital imagery in two or three appointments. The end product is customized to the patients’ mouth and this improves overall health. Because there is a digital record, a broken or lost Avadent denture can be made without patient involvement. Galye was also impressed by how the Avadent denture process was explained to its initial consumer participants. “It was accurately described as a new denture process that is being developed that uses cutting edge technology to computer design and computer manufacture the denture.” The responses of the consumer participants acknowledged important benefits including how good were the dentures; how the guesswork was removed about the final product; appreciation of the fact that the procedure took less time; and how the end product was a perfect fit. The reputation of Avadent has spread recently including being introduced and showcased on CNN. This advanced technology is now working its way across North America and has also been launched in Europe as of this year. One aspect of denturism in Alberta is that the profession is under the same quality of control as dentists and doctors. According to Galye, “We adhere to the same sterilization standard, for example, as them. I am also really happy with how our scope of services has increased. We can work with younger patients who may be missing one or two teeth, or a young person who needs a sports guard or a grinding guard to help patients sleep. We are blowing the roof off our denture work.” But it is not just about new technology for Galye and The Denture & Implant Centre. “The relationships I build with my clientele are probably different from any other professions. With the procedures involved, I really get to know the patients and have to establish trust and deliver my own strong belief in family values. I was raised in an close-knit, Ukrainian family and I want patients to feel warm and safe when they walk through our door.” For both the young and the older set, the Denture & Implant Centre has something to offer you.

Interested in Whiter Teeth?

Through the use of a custom-made delivery system and the latest in teeth-whitening technology offered by Mike Galye’s Denture Centre, you can have whiter and brighter teeth.

Teeth whitening is a simple and effective process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. The system uses a peroxide-based gel retained in a custom-fitted applies that is worn over your teeth. It can be used during the day or while you sleep.

Tooth discoloration is caused by ageing, staining substances like coffee, tea, colas and tobacco, excessive fluoride and nerve degeneration. The whitening process is most effective on mildly discolored teeth. The degree of whitening will vary from person to person, depending on the structure of the teeth and how long the system is used.

Results are usually seen the following the first night. The best results generally occur when the process is continued for 10 to 14 nights.

Life with Dentures

You can restore your life with modern dental technology. Unsecured dentures are an old-fashioned solution for people who have lost all their teeth. They can be painful, inconvenient and awkward and can make it difficult to chew many foods. Add to that how unsecured dentures can affect your speech and pronunciation.

Fortunately a variety of modern dental implant-based tooth replacement solutions are offered by the Denture Centre. Any of these solutions can dramatically improve your quality of life including proper chewing and speaking, increased comfort and self-confidence and enjoyment of a greater variety of food.

Check with Mike or go to the Services section of this website to see the variety of secured dentures available.

Dental implants are accepted by dental professionals for over 40 years as a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement. They act like natural tooth root and you cannot feel the difference. They are made of biocompatible material and accepted by your body. They will normally last a lifetime with proper care and good oral hygiene. They maintain natural bone and minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation – one of their most important advantages – and they provide stability and comfort.
Source: Nobel Biocare

Questions & Answers about Teeth Whitening – – Talk with Mike for more information

Q: What causes tooth discoloration?
A: Discoloration maybe the result of genetics, medication, poor oral hygiene, aging, smoking, certain foods and beverages, or a combination of these factors.
Q: Are you a good candidate for tooth whitening?
A: People with most types of discoloration can achieve lighter teeth through Sapphire Whitening Systems, which is offered at The Denture Centre. The type of stain you have will affect how much whitening you will experience. Ask Mike how much whiter your teeth can be.
Q: What is Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel?
A: Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel is a hydrogen peroxide formula. When activated by the Sapphire light, whitening of up to 12 shades is often achieved in one hour.
Q: Is this whitening procedure safe?
A: Absolutely! When used under the supervision of a dental professional, the procedures is safe and will not harm teeth or gums.
Q: Will I have to wear a mouth tray?
A: Sapphire Chairside Whitening does not require the use of a mouth row. This is a one-visit procedure that your denturist will perform. You will be given a mouth tray and Sapphire Brilliant Toothpaste for at-home touch-ups to use as you need.

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