Mike-Introduction to Services
Mike-Introduction to Services

Eat, Smile and Talk with New Confidence and Comfort

The Denture & Implant Centre is a full service denture clinic that has been providing a wide range of denture and oral health care services to the community for over 20 years. We work with you to improve your oral health care which may have been compromised due to dental trauma, gum disease, tooth decay or loss which can occur at any age. Our services include:

  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentures
  • Complete and Partial Standard Dentures
  • Complex Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Sleep Apnea/Snoring Devices
  • Immediate and Surgical Dentures
  • Adjustments and Follow-up Services
  • Relines and Repairs to New / Existing Dentures
  • Dentures Over Implants (Partial and Complete)
  • Teeth Whitening





If you need to replace one or more missing teeth a partial denture may be a good solution which can also help your remaining natural teeth stay in place. You can remove your partial denture for cleaning and sleeping. Today’s partials are more comfortable with a wider choice of materials made to suit the number and location of missing teeth you are replacing. For complete dentures, The Denture & Implant Centre works with your dental surgeon for extraction of your remaining teeth and/or placement of dental implants, while our clinic takes care of:

  • Precise Measurements and Computerized Jaw Records
  • Custom Design and Fabrication of Dentures and Related Products in our On-site Lab
  • Fitting and Adjustments
  • Aftercare and Patient Education

Receive Your Dentures Immediately

To avoid being without teeth while you wait for your gums to heal after extraction, immediate dentures are a convenient alternative. Ready to fit as soon as your oral surgeon completes extracting your remaining teeth, immediate dentures perform just like their name says. As your gums heal with your new dentures in place, the denture specialists at The Denture & Implant Centre will take you through the adjustment process with regular aftercare and relining.

Patient Financing Now Available for All Procedures!

At  The Denture and Implant Centre  we want you to have the best oral health care available and that’s why we now provide patient financing for all denture and related dental procedures valued at $300 – $25,000 OAC. Making oral health care more affordable with Patient Financing is another we take better care of our clients. Call us today to book your free consultation and learn more about the many treatment options we provide at  The Denture and Implant Centre.  We’ll be happy to serve you! Tel. 403.343.7266. 

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