Complete Denture

Mike Discusses the Features of Complete Dentures
Mike Discusses the Features of Complete Dentures

Mike Discusses the Features of Complete Dentures

Eat, Smile and Talk with New Confidence and Comfort

The Denture & Implant Centre works with you personally for increased comfort and a renewed smile because your oral health affects your overall well-being. Because of dental trauma, gum disease or tooth decay, tooth loss can happen to anyone at any age. Affordable solutions are available at The Denture & Implant Centre, and our services include:

  • Cosmetic and aesthetic dentures
  • Complete and partial standard dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Immediate and surgical dentures
  • Adjustments and follow-up services
  • Relines and repairs to new / existing dentures

Partial and Complete Dentures with Complete Care

You may need partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth, and a partial can help your remaining natural teet stay in place. You can remove your partial denture for cleaning and sleeping. Plus, the current partials are more comfortable with a choice of materials suited to the number and location of missing teeth you are replacing. For complete dentures, The Denture & Implant Centre works with your dental surgeon for extraction of your remaining teeth and placement of dental implants, while our clinic takes care of:

  • Precise measurements and computerized jaw records
  • Custom manufacturing in our on-site lab
  • Fitting and adjustments
  • Aftercare and information

Receive Your Dentures Immediately

To avoid being without teeth while you wait for your gums to heal after extraction, immediate dentures are a convenient alternative. Ready to fit as soon as your oral surgeon completes extracting your remaining teeth, immediate dentures perform just like their name says. As your gums heal with your new dentures in place, the registered denturists at The Denture & Implant Centre take you through the adjustment process with regular aftercare and relining.

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